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Groomer Valby


Pet Care – Trimming, Cutting, Washing

I discuss the owner’s preferences regarding style and hair length before the grooming procedure. It is important to adjust the dog’s hairstyle to its lifestyle and to the owner’s ability to brush and groom it at home. In case of very matted hair, a very short cut may be necessary (only after consulting the owner).

Bath and brushout

This service is a standard care treatment with bathing and drying, brushing out dead hair using a trimmer or furminator (depending on the breed). Ears will be cleaned and claws cut.

Bath and haircut

This service is a standard treatment with brushout, bathing and drying, haircut depending on the breed of dog or personal wishes. Ears will be cleaned and claws cut.

Manual trimming

I offer trimming of most wire-haired dogs. Coat is brushed and trimmed. Paws and ears are pruned and cleaned and nails are shortened. Please do not bathe your wire-haired dog 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after trimming, because it can cause discomfort for the dog.


smooth-haired without undercoat

  • small (up to 35 cm) – 450kr
    French bulldog, miniature pinscher, dachshund, Italian greyhound
  • medium (from 35 to 50cm) – 500kr
    basset, whippet, medium pincher
  • large (above 50 cm) – 600kr
    great dane, doberman, pointer, boxer, Rhodesian ridgeback

short-haired (up to 5 cm) with a thick undercoat

  • small (up to 35cm) – 500kr
    Welsh corgi, Schipperke
  • medium (35 to 50cm) – 600kr
    Entlebucher, Australian cattle dog, shiba inu, beagle
  • large (from 50 to 70cm) – 700kr
    labrador, German shorthaired shepherd
  • very large (above 70cm) – 900kr
    Central Asian shepherd dog

long-haired (over 5 cm) with a thin undercoat and wooly

  • small (up to 35 cm), haircut 700kr / hairstyles 750kr
    Japanese chin, papillon, phalene, tibetan spaniel, cavalier king charles spaniel, york shire terrier, Australian silky terrier, maltese, ihasa apso, bichon boloneze, bichon frise, bichon havanese, coton de tulear, poodle toy, mini poodle, lion dog
  • medium (from 35 to 50cm) – haircut 750kr, trimming/hairstyles 900kr
    English coker spaniel, American coker spaniel, Springer spaniel, Irish short coated wheaten terrier, medium poodle, lagotto romagnolo
  • large (from 50 to 70cm) – 900kr/hairstyles 1.200kr
    setters, Afghan hound, royal poodle, labradoodle
  • very large (over 70cm) – 850kr
    Russian wolfhound Borzoj


  • small (up to 35 cm) – haircut 700kr / trimming 750kr
    dachshund, cairn terrier, miniature schnauzer, jack russel terrier, west highland white terrier, border terrier, welsh terrier, Norwich terrier, Norfolk terrier, dandie dinmont terrier, monkey pinscher, griffon
  • medium (from 35 to 50 cm) – haircut 750kr / trimming 850kr
    schnauzer medium, fox terrier, parson russell terrier, breton basset, petit basset, griffon vendeen
  • large (from 50 to 70cm) – haircut 900kr / trimming 1.100kr
    giant schnauzer, airedale terrier
  • very large (above 70 cm) – haircut 1.000kr / trimming 1.200kr
    wolf hound

long-haired (from 5 cm) with a thick undercoat

  • small (up to 35cm) – 750 kr
    pomeranian, Pekingese, shit-tzu, Japanese spitz, Tibetan spaniel
  • medium (from 35 to 50 cm) – 850 kr

    Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Shetland sheepdog, Tibetan terrier, wolfdog
  • large (from 50 to 60 cm ) – 1.000 kr
    golden retriever, border collie, Alaskan malamut, Samoyed, Siberian husky, long-haired German shepherd
  • very large (from 60 cm ) – 1.200 kr
    akita, Tatra sheep, Newfoundland, Bernese Mountain Dog


A quick undercut between regular haircutting and trimming. Cutting around and under the paws, sanitary area, around the eyes if necessary, removing excess hair from the ears.

  • Quick Fix – 200kr

SPECIAL OFFER FOR PUPPIES between 4 and 8months

  • hair clipping (around the legs, ears and behind) – 300kr
  • trimming between 3.5 and 4 months of age – 400kr



  • Brushing – 500 kr
  • Haircut – 800 kr
  • Bathing and haircut – 1200 kr

Guinea pigs

  • 250 kr


  • 450 kr

Horses care

  • Price depends on the distance and the scope of work.
Animal comfort, safety and health is the most important in everything I do.

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