Dog care

Brushing out knots, bath

Long-haired dogs are beautiful, but only when they are well taken care of. They demand everyday care, otherwise the matts not only look ugly, but cause discomfort or even pain. Matted hair can cause skin irritation, does not fulfill its role and is really problematic for a dog. It is necessary to brush out all knots, remove the dead undercoat and use the right shampoo and conditioners which will keep the effect of shiny smooth hair for a long time.

Short, smooth-haired dogs (boxers, great danes, french bulldogs) often shed hair all year long. Regular brushouts/trimming helps to reduce this problem to minimum.

Double coated breeds (huskys, alaskan malamutes, samoyeds) are large, bulky and fluffy because they have very thick undercoat, which is meant to protect them from the cold. This poses a challenge as just bathing and drying – even using professional grooming dryers – takes usually around 3 hours.


Up to breed standard (FCI) or per the owner’s wishes. Regular haircut is as important for dogs as it is for people. Some dogs require just tidying up of loose ends, while another need a very short cut. Right hairstyle can emphasize dog’s posture or camouflage some areas.


Regular trimming is necessary for maintaining the coat of wirehaired dogs in good condition. It removes the dead topcoat and overly thick undercoat. New hair has a much nicer and intensive colour, and the coat becomes more dirt and water resistant. Regular trimming eliminates a problem of dog hair around the house, as all dead hair stays on my grooming table.

Insect removal

Most common insects in house pets are fleas and ticks. Fleas transmit many pathogenic microorganisms and are intermediate hosts for tapeworms. In dogs, they can cause flea dermatitis (FAD). Ticks are extremely dangerous parasites for both pets and people. They can carry Lyme disease, viral encephalitis, or canine babesiosis – an extremely dangerous and often fatal disease.


Some dogs and cats require regular nail trimming. Claw overgrowth may cause cracking or fracturing of the nail, and consequently pain while walking and avoiding treading on the paw with overgrown nails. Often, such claws curl and hurt the pads or skin.

Ear cleaning

Especially races with long, drooping ears require special care. Earwax and dirt should be regularly removed using cotton swabs and oil or special products. Some breeds (poodles) require regular hair removal from the ear canal.

Animal comfort, safety and health is the most important in everything I do.

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