Guinea pigs care

Guinea pigs need a similar care to dogs and cats, especially if they are long-haired. They have to be cut and brushed, so that they are clean and tidy, and they also need their nails to be cut regularly. Their coats also MOLT (more or less). It’s also recommended to groom around the grease glands – it’s the place which gets soiled most often. For long-haired breeds, hair clipping is the most convenient and hygienic solution. If we want to maintain the length, just cut the hair so that they do not touch the ground.

Healthy pigs keep their fur clean themselves, so unless there is an obvious need, do not wash them (regardless of breed, sex or age). Too frequent baths cause changes on the surface of the skin, which may be the cause of dandruff, dryness and dead hair. Guinea pigs are delicate creatures – bathing is quite a stress for them. In special cases when a bath is necesery, I bathe them in a shampoo for rodents (I use, among others, a series of shampoos Dr. Seidel or Zoolux). In winter, it is safer to abandon any baths, except for those recommended by a veterinarian, if the pig has, for example, skin problems.

Animal comfort, safety and health is the most important in everything I do.

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